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      Track Measurement

The lower module measures the rail profile as well as the vehicle’s orientation according to the rails. This module consists of a line-laser profiling unit per rail, an IMU device and a Doppler-radar. While the line-laser units profile the rails, they also measure hunting as well as gauge. High-precision IMU calculates the position and orientation in 3 dimensional space required for the dynamic modeling of the vehicle. To keep track of the vehicle’s speed, a Doppler-radar is used. There are also two surveillance cameras installed in this module, one for each rail.

A computer system with multiple monitors that runs the RK-CMS software is placed inside the vehicle. Thus the measurement data as well as live feed from the surveillance cameras can be monitored in real time. If requested, further analysis is done on the measurement data and video records to provide reporting service.

System is designed according to the railway industry standards.

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