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      Platform Measurement

    Contactless Platform Measurement

DTK system for platform measurement makes it possible to check the specified dimensions of handicapped-accessible platforms, in particular:

  • The distance between the platform edge and the track (either left-hand or right-hand, depending on which side of the train the platform is located)

  • The height of the platform edge in relation to the track

  • So far employees of public transport companies had to carry out random checks manually with a ruler, e.g. every 5 meters. DTK system instead measures these values in a comfortable contactless way every 5 cm (20 data set per meter)

  • To perform this measurement, DTK installs two laser/camera units on a sliding carriage,whose lateral guiding device is fixed to the vehicle’s front bumper.



   Platform Measurement with Contact

The DTK flat spring system is a special economic solution of clearance monitoring. The clearance will be measured only in the spring-mounted area. If now the clearance in this area will be disturbed the springs move and a potentiometer sizes the interrupts.

The system is used to:

  • Detect the reasons for wheel chant cuts,

  • Dind places where brakes hit the ground.


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