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Catenary Measurement - Static



  • Robat Kontrol Catenary Measurement System
    (RK-CMS), has a modular design which can be mounted on
    any railroad vehicle including high speed trains. It is capable
    of measuring height, stagger and wear of the catenary wire at operating speeds. The data collected is processed in
    real-time and any abnormality detected is reported using
    cloud computing technologies. The system can be used to
    make static as well as dynamic measurements.

  • Static measurement is the measuring of height and
    stagger with respect to the middle of the rails, of the contact
    wire without any pantograph interaction. To achieve this,
    hunting, vibrations of the chassis due to suspension, and the
    rail gauge have to be measured along with contact wire
    height and stagger so that they are all processed

  • However, in dynamic measurement, stagger is
    measured with respect to the head of the pantograph.
    Therefore, it is sufficient to gather data just from above the
    vehicle in order to make assessment for dynamic

RK-CMS consists of 2 modules. The top module measures the wear and the position of the overhead wire with respect to vehicle. This module consists of a line laser and a set of industrial cameras. There is also a surveillance camera mounted above the vehicle that records video synchronised with the other data.

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