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      Catenary-Pantograph Dynamic Measurement
    Katener – Pantograf Dinamik Ölçümü

Measurement and reporting service for Kadıköy – Kartal metro line is conducted with a support from DTK company. This measurement service included:

1. Dynamic measurement of catenary height and stagger
2. Shock measurement between pantograph and catenary
3. Current measurement from seperated carbon strips
4. Catenary voltage measurement
5. Thermal measurement
6. Pantograph characteristic measurement
7. Report

Measurements were repeated by using different pantographs depending on the direction of the travel. Additionally entire line and depot area were measured a number of times including multiple measurements for rush-hour and non rush-hour. Overall 20 measurement files were analyzed and reported. Measurement and reporting procedures required under the terms of operating conditions of the current state of Kadıköy - Kartal metro line is made completely independently from contractors and the operating company.


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