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  High spec, All - in - one Probe (easy to replace in field with screws)
  • The GYSE-probe is an all-in-one type sensor with positional resolution up to 1μm.

  • Positon output is Analogue, SSI, or Incremental.

  • Velocity output (option) is avaiable for Analogue type.

  • The positonal difference between 2 magnets can be observable as well.

  • This allows quick and easy sensor cartrige replacement.

    Sensor parameters (zero, full-scale or range) can be adjusted by using the Windows programming software (ISO9141).
Effective stroke  15mm~5200mm
Thread M24xP1.5, rod φ10 
M18xP1.5, rod φ8[standard]
3/4-16UNF-3A, rod φ10
Cable connection (Standard:1.5m, for extra cable, specify the length.) Connector [standard] only counter connector supplied. 
In case extra cable needed, specify the length.
Angle Connector
Pigtail type
Output Position output [standard] (OUT1) Analog SSI Incremental
0~10V [standard] or 10~0V SSI, 24 bit A, /A and B, /B
(output current:Max.5m:Aload Min.2kΩ) Binary[standard] or Gray code (Four interpolation)
4~20mA or 20~4mA RRS442 line sürücü
Custom order (□□V~□□V) or (□□mA~□□mA)
Option : Analogue output (OUT2)  Position same selections as OUT1 Not Available
Velocity (custom defined max speed [1.00~999mm/sec]) ±10V (when magnet stops, output is 0V. when moving at max. speed toward probe tip, +10V)
4~20mA (when magnet stops, output is 4mA. when moving  at max. speed in either direction, 20mA.)
Magnet type No.2P(black) [standard], for other options see page 56
Alarm output Open drain 50V 0.1A (Alarm signal for lost magnet)
Resolution 16bit (1/65536) 0.1mm, 0.05mm, 0.01mm [standard], 0.005mm, 0.002mm, 0.001mm
Accuracy Non- linearity  < ±0.025%FS (Min.±50μm)
Repeatability ±0.001%FS (Min.±3μm)
Temp drift ±20ppmFS/℃  ±15ppmFS/℃
Power supply +24(±2)VDC (80mA)
Frequency response Std 1kHz (depending on stroke) sampling
Environment Admıssible 35MPa (probe rod)
Operating Temp. -20℃~+80℃
Storage Temp -40℃~+80℃
Vibration 15G (10~2000Hz)
Shock 100G (2msec), SRT option (page 55) 
Protection IP67 (Connecting mount or Pigtail type)
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