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  Compact, Low cost type

  • GYMS probe/GYMSC controller is a compact, low-cost type series adopting newly developed signal detecting method. GYMS probe has interchangeability in mechanical dimension with GYMT   series, also protection graded up to IP67. Optional connector cable out variety presents more flexible handling of probe. GYMS probe in combination with GYMSC controller outputs 0-10V or 4-20mA analogue signals.

Effective stroke 15mm~3000mm
Thread, sensor rod diameter M18xP1.5, rod φ10[standard]
M16xP2.0, rod φ8
3/4-16UNF, rod φ10
M16xP1.5, rod φ6
Output Voltage output 0~10V or 10~0V
(output current:Max.5mA, load:Min.2kΩ)
Current output 4~20mA or 20~4mA
Cable connection Pigtail type [Standard]
Connector type (option)
Resolution < 0.01%FS
Accuracy Non- linearity < ±0.025%FS TYP
Repeatability < ±0.01%FS
Temp drift < 40ppm FS/℃
Power supply          +24(±2)VDC (100mA), +12 VDC (see Note1)
Frequency response Std 1kHz(depending on stroke) sampling
Environment                 Admissible             35MPa(probe rod)
Operating Temp. -20℃~+80℃
Storage Temp -40℃~+80℃
Vibration 6G(or 40Hz 2mmPP)
Shock 50G(2msec)
Protection IP67 [standard]
Cable length 1.5m[standard](Option Max.100m)
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