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  Linear Profile Version

  • The profile measuring φ25mm×height 22.5mm renders you a free mechanical design in adopting our “GY” series. Applications have been widened by mounting GYKM series to cylinders, machines, equipment and it gives infinite life time due to magnetostrictive non-contact sensor, well replacing conventional potentiometers.

  • GYKM probe can also be used in combination with GYHC or GYDC-05 controller, which provides velocity output or digital output.



rod type sliding floating
Effective stroke 15mm~1200mm
Resolution < 0.01%FS
Sensor rod diameter, thread rod φ6(M5 thread) [Standard]
rod φ6(M5 thread)
rod φ8(M5 thread)
rod φ8(M8 thread)
Magnet Type No.2P(black) [standard], for other options see page 62  without bar [standard] Gap 1mm
bar with ball joint φ6(M5) Gap 4mm
φ8(M8) Gap 8mm
Accuracy Non- linearity < ±0.05%FS TYP
Repeatability < ±0.01%FS
Temp drift ±50ppmFS/℃
Output Voltage output 0~10V or 10~0V
(output current:Max.5mA, load:Min.2kΩ)
Current output 4~20mA or 20~4mA
Power supply +24(±2)VDC (50mA)
Frequency response Std 1kHz(depending on stroke) sampling
Environment Admıssible 35MPa(probe rod)
Operating Temp. 0℃~+65℃
Storage Temp -20℃~+65℃
Vibration 3G(or 40Hz 1mmPP)
Shock 10G(2msec)
Protection IP63 [Standard] available for rod φ6(M5)
IP64 available for rod φ6(M5),  rod φ8(M5),  rod φ8(M8)
Cable length 1.5m[standard](Option Max.100m)
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