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  Flange - Head Robust Version
  • The GYFRS is a probe that improves the vibration-proof and the impact-proof performance. Vibration-proof 10G and impact-proof 200G (2msec) have been achieved.

  • Moreover, it is possible to combine with digital output (GKS-01) with indicator. The flat head permits a miniaturized application and the flange makes the installation easier, compared with a conventional screw type.

  • The output signal is compatible with the GYcRS probe, and it is available by combining with GYDC-05 in the digital output and with GYHC, GYFC2 in the analog output for the controller.
Effective stroke  15mm~3500mm
Cable connection Connector type IP67 [standard]
Connector type IP68
Pigtail type IP67
Pigtail type IP68
Resolution analogue:16bit(with GYHC, page 40)
digital:Min.1μm(with GYDC-05, page 42)
Accuracy Non- linearity < ±0.025%FS TYP
Repeatability < ±0.01%FS TYP
Temp drift 20ppm FS/℃
Environment Admissible 35MPa(probe rod)
Operating Temp. -20℃~+80℃
Storage Temp -40℃~+80℃
Vibration 10G(or 50Hz 2mmPP)
Shock 200G(2msec)
Protection IP67 [standard], option IP68 (see page 53) 
Cable lenght 1.5m[standard](Option Max.200m)
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